Air Conditioner Maintenance Miami, Fl

Having good air conditioner maintenance is esential to your health. There are many health risks associated with poor air quality, which can be greatly reduced or removed with the right air conditioner maintenance Miami or air conditioner repair services. Air conditioning needs yearly maintenance in order to perform properly.

Air conditioner filters maintenance

Proper air conditioner maintenance will help the equipment to work more economically and be more dependable on years to come. Air conditioning filters, for example, are critical for good air quality and the proper performance of your HVAC system. According to research, indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental health risks.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Miami

Although changing air filters is not that difficult, there can be two major challenges:

  • Knowing when the filter needs to be changed: This is simple. They are changed when they are dirty. But it all depends on the type of filter, air quality where you live, if you have pets, amount of people living in the house, and general air pollution in your city. The typical 1" -3" air filters are changed bi-monthly but general guidelines are not applicable to all.
  • Making sure you replace it when needed: There are ways to remember this important task. You can set a monthly alarm, install a filter change indicator, mark the filter, or simply have a schedule.

Evaporator coil maintenance

When filters are not replaced regularly evaporators start acting as the filter and it can get clogged up with dirt, lint, etc. The evaporator coil tends to be forgotten as it sits in some unobtrusive place where it attracts mold, dirt, and some other contaminants. They are in hard-to-reach places making it difficult for the technician to access them and clean them properly. It's a costly procedure since it takes a lot of time to clean it. However, it will definitely help increase the life and efficiency of the equipment. Evaporator coils can be cleansed once a year, especially when the filter is not changed that often.

Easy ways to fix leaky A/C Systems

Condensation forming on the air handler may lead to some serious problems in your home. Some useful ways to stop condensation and fix the leaky HVAC system include:

  • Making sure you check the duct insulation: You need to check that ducts are properly insulated. Exposed ductwork will create condensation and cause problems.
  • Sealing the crawlspace: The crawlspace needs to be sealed correctly otherwise the air handler wills sweat. The crawlspace can be sealed with plastic sheeting, foam insulation on the walls, and more.
  • Checking airflow: Blockages in your ducts or a dirty filter will cause a significant condensation issue, and sweating on the exposed parts of the air handler. A quick way to fix this is to replace the air filter and check the ducts in the air handler.
  • Drain blockage removal: The drainage system inside the air handler is intended to eliminate any condensation within the unit. But when the drain is clogged or perhaps the handler is off level, cold water within the unit remains inside longer. You can remedy the issue by simply clearing the blockage.
  • Temperature setting: This depends on the dew point. If there is humidity in the air, there is a temperature at which condensation will begin. A simple solution for this will be raising the temperature by one or two degrees or purchasing a dehumidifier.
  • Installing a larger A/C unit: Sometimes your A/C unit is not large enough to cool your home. When the unit is too small to properly remove humidity from your home, the level of humidity will remain high and the handler will be cold, which will lead to condensation.

Air conditioner maintenance Miami by professionals

Sometimes it's difficult to find the cause with simple tips or tricks. At casafix you can find affordable air conditioning installation professionals in Miami that will advise you what the best course of action is.