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AC repair Miami

August in Miami. Temperatures soar into the high 90’s and ac repair Miami hit their peak. Most of us don’t give our air conditioning as much as a second thought in the fairer months, and once the ac repair Miami becomes necessary as our units overheat, air conditioning companies in Miami hit their peak busy season.

It’s not uncommon for the television weather reporters to report the “Feel like” temperatures are about to soar into the hundreds, Miami HVAC contractors agree that the key to avoiding costly repairs, is through routine maintenance and duct cleanings.

Air conditioning Miami, Fl, no matter if in your home, office, or vehicle is the most important system in our comfort especially during those sweltering summer months when the sweat can begin trickling down our brows the moment we step outside is the air conditioning Miami fl. AC repair Miami can become costly for the home owner who waits till the last moment.

As intricate and sensitive as the ac and ventilation structures are, it is vital that the HVAC professional you hire has the best training and plenty of experience in the field. Being connected to electricity, water, and in some cases gas, lack of attention to detail on behalf of the ‘ac guy’ could put your family and your property in grave danger.

Your home’s comfort level and air quality are dependent on the maintenance and care which are put into the system. Heating ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC professionals, we never think about them until suddenly, the air conditioning system comes to a grinding halt and the inevitable sweating begins.

Who among us here in south Florida doesn’t have an AC horror story to share? But before you call the first AC repair guy you find online, use the tools at your fingertips, such as this website to ensure you won’t be left sweating. The pros at casafix have put together a list for your consider before making a decision.

License for air conditioning repair service

Before hiring any home repair professional, ask to see their current license, and their evidence of liability insurance coverage, especially in the case of professionals who are working with the vital systems of your home, electricity, plumbing and ac.

Requirements for Air Conditioning Contractors

In Florida, air conditioning professionals must obtain a license only after they pass two exams, and can demonstrate four years of working experience. The required experience is vital as Air Conditioning and Ventilation contractors need to have a working understanding of basic electrical wiring, combustion systems, refrigerants, and airflow through heating ducts systems all work in harmony to comfortably heat and cool a space.

There are two fundamental classifications for HVAC professionals: Class A and Class B. A class B license limits the contractor to 25 ton units or 500 thousand BTU’s of heating whereas a Class A contractor does not adhere to these limitations and are more likely to be used on a commercial scale.

If your air conditioner has gone defunct on a blistering day, like most homeowners, you will quickly become uncomfortable and desperate and ultimately hire the first AC repair company or contractor who is willing to rescue you that same day. While this kind of behavior puts homeowners at risk of being price gouged or taken advantage of, most repairs are small enough where the price for emergency service wont vary too badly between companies and contractors.

However for larger scale repairs, or unit replacement or installment, the wise homeowner will take the time to do their homework, and interview a minimum of at least three different companies or contactors before settling on who is right for the job.


A professional air conditioning contractor or company should be able to readily provide some examples of their recent happy customers, or have plenty of online reviews for you to read regarding the quality and efficiency of their work. Before having any kind of contractor provide you with a quote, be sure to read about their work online or contact previous clients to gain an insight into the quality of their work.

Requesting Quotes for your AC repair service in Miami

As always, pros at casafix recommend obtaining a minimum of three quotes form professionals in your area before settling on any one company to complete repairs. IN the case of AC installation or major repairs, you may find the scope of work itself ranges between professionals. If this is the case, you can begin by eliminating air conditioning contactors who may be unnecessarily replacing parts that are not in disrepair to boost the cost of the project.


While you are obtaining quotes for your AC repair, remember to ask the company or AC professional if they have experience with the brand of equipment in your home. Unlike other kinds of home repair professionals who work with a broad spectrum of brands and manufacturers, AC Professionals often specialize in one or two brands of equipment.


When to save and when to splurge, here are some tips from the pros at casafix.

Experts agree that the best way to keep your home AC unit humming along even during sweltering summer months is to frequently check and change the filters.

Breathe Clean

In order for your HVAC system to successfully deliver cool air into the rooms of your home, it has to move through the ducts which, if not cleaned regularly, could mean you are breathing in heaps of dust, pet hair, cob webs, and other debris.

Experts agree that especially when your systems ducts are not airtight, the can pull in dirty air and allergens from crawlspaces, garages, and attics ultimately spreading it through your home. The best news about leaky ducts is that the repair is easily completed using foil duct tape and adequate insulation.

Troubleshooting your AC Unit

While many air conditioning repairs require a professional, the wise homeowner knows how to troubleshoot some of the easier air conditioner issues and schedule regular cleanings of their AC ducts.

Air condenser isn't running

If your air conditioner’s condenser isn't running, double check the unit is plugged in. If it is, then check your breakers and fuse box. Reset the power and see if it starts. If the problem persists, check the thermostat settings to ensure they are set correctly. DO this by lowering the temperature on the thermostat by about five degrees. If the unit still won’t start, it’s time to find an air conditioning expert to come take a look for a more serious issue.

It’s simply not cold enough

As before, begin by lowering the temperature on your unit’s thermostat by five degrees or so. You should notice a marked difference in temperature within fifteen minutes. IF not, your system may have a dirty evaporator, which you may be able to clean yourself. Marked by several visible tightly bound coils, the evaporator can be cleaned with easily obtainable at Aerosol HVAC cleaners. Once you clean the evaporator, let your AC unit run for a few hours. If the problem persists, it’s time to find the air conditioning expert in your area to come out and have a look.

When to Consider Replacing the Entire AC Unit

Have you heard of the $5000 rule? In a nutshell, many heating and cooling experts agree that a good rule of thumb is that if repairs to your home air conditioner exceed $5000, it may be time to replace the unit.

The exact formula is as follows. Take how old the equipment in questions is and multiply the age by the cost to repair:

Example: 15 year old system multiplied by $873 in total repairs equals $13,095.

If the total exceeds $5000 it is time to consider replacement.


There are ways to stay cool and get the most out of your air conditioner when it’s running correctly.

  • DRAW THE SHADES IN THE SUMMER: Seems easy enough, keep sunlight from seeping in during peak hot hours. More specifically, keep the sun’s Ultra Violet Rays out of your home, as they are the culprit in raising the temperature in your home throughout the hot summer months. Use reflective shades, or window awning s to keep your house nice and cool.
  • STRATEGICALLY PLACE PLANTS NEAR WINDOWS: Trees and vines can also be a great way to keep your home cool all summer long.
    Keep direct sunlight off your home by planting shrubbery and vines. It may take years to grow a full shady tree, but growing vines on a lovely trellis is a quick and easy way to beautify your homes outdoor space while simultaneously cooling the interior. Shrubs placed in the right areas can also help greatly lower the temperature in your home and only take about a year to grow.
    Planting trees and shrubs in the right spots; studies have found that trees planted on the south and west parts of a home are the best at keeping the property cool.
  • INSULATION: While it seems like common sense to most homeowners, the fewer leaks and the better insulation in your home, the easier it is to keep the house properly air conditioning Miami throughout the barmy summer heat.
    Sealing air leaks is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to lower your home’s energy bill and avoid costly ac repair Miami; with savings being notable almost immediately.

Summer BBQ, Not Summer AC Repair Miami

Lastly, use your common sense. Don’t overload your air conditioning Miami. The middle of a sweltering August afternoon may not be the ideal time to run your oven or kitchen’s stove top. When possible avoid cooking indoors until evening or early mornings.

Wise homeowners never break a sweat in the face of another Miami summer. They perform routine maintenance and cleanings to avoid ac repair Miami. By the time those “feels like” temperatures loom in the triple digits, they have no need for ac repair Miami, and have kept their cool all season long.


Harnessing the sun’s free, plentiful, and sustainable energy can be easily converted into electricity, suitable to power the systems that power your home; the same exact kind of electric energy that powers a simple night light can be easily procured from the sun.

Converting to solar not only saves big bucks on monthly bills, but, as is the case in our native Florida, you may federal tax credits and rebate incentives designed to entice homeowners to make the switch to more affordable solar energy. Making the switch may not require a whole new HVAC unit; many of the more modern systems can easily be upgraded by way of the attachment of solar modules.

The upgrade to solar may mean an increase in your home’s value. This is largely in part due to the monthly savings on energy bills. In addition, many states, like in the case in our native south Florida, your home may qualify to participate in the net metering program where you can sell back surplus energy when your system is tied into the grid.

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