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Appliance repair Miami is an economic way to keep your appliances properly working at home. Casafix pros can help you to fix any household appliance problem

A Property appraiser Miami is necessary when you going to buy or sell your house. The valuation may include the land, area and characteristics of the home.

Waste management Miami involves how to handle all kind of waste, junk, trash, garbage or even debris in our homes, building or construction sites. Read more

Asphalt driveway can be a convenient and lasting option for your driveway entrance. casafix provides info about pros,cons and cost of paving a driveway.

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Energy efficient appliances in Miami are essential nowadays. They save energy, money and are less harmful to the environment. Read more before buying one

How to install a door. Installing a new door or replacing an old one is very similar. With casafix's pros advice you could install a door without difficulty

Drywall Repair Miami. Patching holes in dry wall can be easy and inexpensive to fix. From a small drywall repair to a larger patch, casafix Pros can help you

Plumber Miami. A plumber can be the solution for big problems at home like maintenance, install or repair of water and drainage lines. Tips to hire a plumber

How to fix a leaky roof. Repair a leaky shingle roof could be a task for professionals but if you follow this steps certainly you could do it by yourself.

How to paint a ceiling. The ceiling is one of the most difficult surface to paint in the house due to height, and unreachable zones. Learn how to do it