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Landscaping Miami. It is important develop a landscaping plan to accomplish your landscape project or properly maintain your garden. Contact a pro for this task

A Property appraiser Miami is necessary when you going to buy or sell your house. The valuation may include the land, area and characteristics of the home.

Interior Designer Miami. Start your remodeling project with the professional assistance of interior designer. Experts in kitchen or bathroom design at casafix

Glass shower enclosures Miami. Shower enclosures are a modern and functional option for bathrooms. Shower made of glass are in demand. Start your project

Impact windows Miami are the best option for home safety and protection against hurricanes and other events in Fl. Choose impact windows with our pros' help

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Types of plumbing pipes-Miami. Metal and plastic pipes are the most commonly used in the market. If you don't know which one to choose, ask a Pro in casafix

How to install backsplash. When tiling a backsplash is important to measure the wall, make sure your tiles are spaced and some other steps that we give you.

Drywall Repair Miami. Patching holes in dry wall can be easy and inexpensive to fix. From a small drywall repair to a larger patch, casafix Pros can help you

Pest Control Miami Fl. Pest control include organic or chemical methods and products to avoid the different types of pest in our living spaces.

Places like Miami are appropriate to install awnings as an option to protect your house from direct sun light. Metal awnings or custom made are some of your options

Energy efficient appliances in Miami are essential nowadays. They save energy, money and are less harmful to the environment. Read more before buying one