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Windows and Doors Miami. These elements are two of main structural elements in a home or building. They let the light in and protect us from weather.

Interior Designer Miami. Start your remodeling project with the professional assistance of interior designer. Experts in kitchen or bathroom design at casafix

Glass shower enclosures Miami. Shower enclosures are a modern and functional option for bathrooms. Shower made of glass are in demand. Start your project

Miami upholsterers are qualified professionals for tasks like furniture refinishing and coverings, reupholstery of furniture and cars, leather seat repair and more

Septic system maintenance in Miami. Septic system help treat and discard family unit wastewater on location. Septic system maintenance can be easy with our Pros

Impact windows Miami are the best option for home safety and protection against hurricanes and other events in Fl. Choose impact windows with our pros' help

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How to install a new window. If your house need a modern look, install new windows is a good option. Replace old windows for newer ones. Read more about it

Miami House foundation types. Footing, shallow, and deep foundation. Most common types of foundation for homes. Find Pros in casafix for any concrete work.

Pest Control Miami Fl. Pest control include organic or chemical methods and products to avoid the different types of pest in our living spaces.

Kitchen Sink Faucets in Miami. There are faucets with very complex design and styles. Nowadays faucets can even incorporate technology. Contact our Pros

A home inspection in Miami is necessary when purchasing your new home or for other real estate issues requiring a professional evaluation of house condition

Hardwood floor installation Miami, step by step. An easy guide to install a wood floor. Learn how prepare the surface, choose tools and laying a floor.