Roof cleaning Miami

A deep roof cleaning can give your house a fresh look. Roof cleaning will add years of life to your property and help you save thousands of dollars along the way. Oftentimes your roof doesn’t need replacement. However, if the roof is quite old, more than 25 years old, missing shingles, and tabs are flipping up, perhaps it’s time for a replacement. Roof cleaning Miami can help light colored roofs or roofs with moss growing on it, look as new.

Roof cleaning solutions: methods to remove dust, moss, stain and mold

It’s nice moving to a brand new house. But things don’t stay new forever. Roofs will start looking old with time and need cleaning. Whether by yourself or through a professional it’s good to learn about the different ways to give your roof a new appearance.

Low pressure roof cleaning: Eco-friendly

This is one of the most popular one these days. They use high-grade eco-friendly products without harmful chemicals such as bleach, phosphates, etc. A low-pressure rinsing system is used and there is no damaging high-pressure scrubbing and brushing. This method delivers instant results. Special equipment for gentle cleaning is used together with non-toxic products. The integrity of the shingles is highly preserved and the landscape is not damaged.

Roof cleaning with bleach

Bleach is mixed with other chemicals including trisodium phosphate. The chemicals are sprayed on the roof and contractors wait for it to dry and re-apply it as need it. Some stains and moth will not come off but rain will eventually rinse off everything. This method is very affordable. The roof is not inspected or rinse after the application. Results will not be instant, and the strong chemical odor can be quite disturbing. These chemicals can harm trees, pets, humans, as well as leak into waterways.

Miami Roof pressure cleaning: High-pressure

Some contractors favor high-pressure power washing as a method to remove stains. However, it’s proven this method can’t remove organisms causing roof stains and it can damage shingles. The algae will definitely return as the roots are left behind. When trying to find out if your contractor is using high-pressure cleaning, ask him to hold his hand under the spray. If he is using pressure cleaning he won’t be able to do so.

Roof cleaning vs. Prevention

If you live in a humid area chances are mold or mildew will take over your roof. Roofing manufactures have come up with new ways to keep the invaders off your roof. They are now mixing copper granules into roofing products. This will prevent algae from forming. Although algae can me removed with cleaning, sometimes too much cleaning with harmful chemicals will damage or shorten the life of your roof. Casafix can help you find a roofing expert.