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Cleaning services for ceilings, ducts, windows, walls, blinds, exterior surfaces, and pressure cleaning for homes and offices. Find these specialized services and contact professional cleaning services.


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Cleaning Services Miami

There are many cleaning services Miami to choose from. Ideally, you would look for one that meets all of your cleaning services Miami needs. Whether you are looking for home cleaning services Miami or commercial cleaning services Miami, it is best to interview multiple cleaning services to get a good idea of what your options are. There are some things to keep in mind when hiring a cleaning professional. Will they be able to complete the tasks you need done? How many of these tasks will cost extra?

In order to cut down on overhead costs, we advise you be prepared with questions and a list of tasks you need done. Not only will preparing for the interview process cut costs in the long run, it also helps you narrow down what you’re looking for and help you choose the best cleaning services for your home or business.

Once you have a clear idea of what you need done, it helps to see how much of that can be done yourself to help you cut down on some of the costs. Never hesitate to ask for a customized package as many cleaning services are more than willing to work with you so that you get everything you need done at a reasonable price.

Home Cleaning Services

When you’re looking into getting a professional home cleaning service, it is best to get multiple quotes. Take some time to shop around and find a service that is right for you. Casafix has an expansive directory designed to help homeowners find professionals based on location and price. The average cost of a cleaning service in Miami is between $90 and $150 per day. The cost depends heavily on the square footage of the home and the kind of services you require.

Many services provide lower rates for weekly cleanings compared to a one-time deep cleaning. Most cleaning services charge extra for windows, fireplaces, ovens, refrigerators, and high shelves or ceilings. If your home is outside of their regular service area, you may be faced with an additional travel fee.

When providing a quote, the home cleaning service will take into account cleaning frequency, pets, specialty cleaning, such as fireplaces or ovens, and the number of crew required to complete the service in the allotted time.

For example, carpet cleaning is usually considered an additional service. While vacuuming is great short term cleaning, carpet often need a deep cleaning from time to time. It’s recommended that you give your carpet a deep cleaning treatment at least a year. There average cost of having a carpet deep cleaned is $150, and can vary depending on the size. When hiring a carpet cleaning service, make sure you ask how long they’ve been in business, what the cost will be, if they are certified, and if you are expected to move furniture ahead of time. Before the carpet cleaners arrive, be sure to identify problem areas like pet stains and coffee spots.

Windows build up a lot of dust and grime. Bringing in a professional a couple of times a year will help keep your windows clean and streak free. Window cleaning services charge depending on the number of windows and the equipment required. Window cleaners use specialized chemicals when the windows a lot of mineral deposits or grease. If you want to keep your windows in good shape, clean them regularly with a wash cloth in between deep cleans.

Your cooling system is dependent on various metal ducts to deliver cool air into your house. Over time, these ducts become clogged with dust and debris. If not cleaned regularly, this can attract pests and create mold. Duct and vent cleaning involves strong vacuum suction that removes debris. The cost of duct and vent cleaning depends on the size of the home. A cleaning professional can give you an accurate estimate judging by the size of your home and HVAC system. The average cost is usually $325 per unit.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

After your home has been remodeled, you might find yourself with more of a mess than you have anticipated. This is when it is time to contact a company that specializes in cleaning up after remodels. Post construction cleaning services are generally thought of as only needed in commercial and industrial properties. Residential cleaning after remodeling is offered by many professional cleaning services. After a remodeling project is complete, dust and debris can be left behind. Although cleaning everyday while the construction is taking place can help, it is often best to hire a professional construction cleaning service to help with the task at hand.

Post construction messes can be difficult to remove without specialized cleaning products. It is possible to take the job on yourself, but companies that specialize in construction cleanup are the most effective way to go. Some might think this is an unnecessary expense, but they are considered to be so effective that many contractors include the cost of a professional cleaning in the total cost of the project. If you don’t know where to look for a post construction cleaning pro, casafix can help connect you to the right cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning Miami

Commercial cleaning is usually done at night while the business is closed. Common duties include taking out the trash, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning surfaces, and cleaning bathrooms. Commercial cleaning services may charge extra for cleaning carpet, upholstery, dusting ceilings, and general maintenance like replacing light bulbs.

In general, most cleaning services will take a tour of the business in order to establish a monthly quote. The main factors looked at when estimating the cost of cleaning a business are frequency of cleaning, the condition of the building, square footage and additional tasks such as elevators. If you are planning on providing the cleaning supplies, make sure you let them know so you do not get billed for supplies. Before getting quotes, business owners are advised to determine which tasks need to be completed. Have the list handy when interviewing potential cleaning services, as it will help you get what you need which staying within budget. The pros at casafix suggest business owners obtain at least three estimates.

Whether you are looking for a cleaning service Miami for your home or a business, it is always best to shop around. Many cleaning services listed on casafix offer deals and packages you can use to save on costs. You can also find cleaning services Miami that will have special rates depending on the frequency of the cleanings. If you need multiple tasks done which are not included in a standard cleaning package, talk to the cleaning service about customizing a package to fit your specific needs.

Be sure to make a list of each item you need cleaned, then use the search for a pro feature on casafix to find the right cleaning service for the job. If it is possible, see how many of those things you can get done on your own. This will cut down the overall cost. Casafix conveniently provides a directory filled with pros in south Florida to help match you with the ideal cleaning service. Whether it is for your home or business, casafix has a pro for your cleaning needs.

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