Building retaining walls in Miami

Retaining walls serve a number of different purposes. From preventing soil erosion to giving your home more decorative aesthetic, retaining walls can be built from a number of various materials. No matter your needs, through casafix, you can find service providers who are experts in building retaining walls in Miami or any Florida locations.

Different types of retaining walls

There are many different types of retaining walls, and a variety of materials available to build them with. Some common products used to build these walls include concrete blocks, natural stone, wood, bricks, and wall stones, among others.

Wooden walls can be inexpensive and simple to build, but this material often has a short lifespan, as it decomposes easily, which is not as cost effective as other retaining wall options. In order to guarantee a more structurally stable retaining wall, using stone, rocks, boulders or concrete are better choices. These materials can provide for more costly and labor intensive builds, but they are likely to hold up much better and have a more pleasing aesthetic. No matter which option you choose, your retaining wall will require attention and maintenance throughout the years.

To add texture and style, you may choose to have a mortared retaining wall built. These can be installed with a number of different materials. These structures are rigid, which means they are not equipped for weather disturbances like hurricanes, earthquakes or extreme climate changes. Segmental retaining walls are mortarless, and are usually made of concrete blocks that interlock. These structures will last much longer than others because of the way they are built.

Retaining walls: functions and uses

The functions and uses for retaining walls vary depending on the home owner’s needs. Some may need to prevent soil erosion, others are looking to stabilized a sloped garden or dirt path, and others are looking for a stylish and aesthetically pleasing visual for their patio or backyard.