Building demolition in Miami - Methods & Costs

Building demolition in Miami is often necessary in buildings that no longer serve the purpose for which they were built, buildings that don’t comply with safety codes, sick buildings, and buildings in a dangerous condition or located in a place where it could pose a risk to public safety. Sometimes buildings need expansion and certain areas are demolished. This is called partial building demolition. During building demolition all areas should be secured to prevent any personal, property, or utility damage.

Building demolition methods

There are a few common ways of bringing down buildings. However, multiple methods of demolition can be combined:

  • Demolition by hand - This method can be slow because hand tools are used. Only one storey is demolished at a time. The building is generally demolished in the reverse order to building it. Debris are removed regularly. They should not be allowed to pile up on floors.
  • Demolition with a ball - Many buildings can be demolished by balling. This is a highly effective method when demolishing multi-storey structures and when other methods are deemed inappropriate.
  • Demolition by pusher arm - These machines can move around easily and able to work on perpendicular surfaces and ground, above standing level. The only disadvantage they pose is that they need the right access and a steady flat base.
  • Demolition by collapse - It will require engineering expertise in order to decide which key structural members should be eliminated.
  • Demolition by wire rope pulling - Cables and wire ropes are fixed to key structural members and pulled down by tractors.
  • Explosion or implosion demolition – This method is very popular in the United States to safely and quickly deconstruct buildings that may pose significant hazards during the demolition process.

How much does it cost to demolish a building?

In order to determine how much demolition of structures will cost several factors need to be considered. Structures will require asbestos inspection. Also, you must decide which parts of the building will remain. The debris needs to be removed after the demolition. You must decide which demolition method is more convenient for you. Both, manual and demolition techniques can be combined. The area is measured by square feet since the demolition costs are mostly calculated by square feet. You will also calculate the cost to remove asbestos in the building. It generally costs $2 or $3 per square feet. Evaluate how long the project will take. This is a very important factor when calculating the cost. Small to medium sized buildings generally take about 10 days. The total amount for equipment rental must be calculated as well as the costs of permits, licenses and insurance policies required for demolition. Permits will be required by some states before starting your demolition project. Lastly, landfill and hauling fees are calculated. You will need someone to remove and dispose all the debri. This amount will be added to the total demolition costs.

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