Pocket door installation for your project in Miami

How to install a pocket door?

A pocket door is a practical way to make use of wall and floor space. It’s a multipurpose architectural element easy to install and very inexpensive. You will have to first tear out part of the wall, create the space require for proper installation, and select the proper track system. Picking the right hardware can be a little overwhelming, but the whole process of pocket door installation, from choosing the correct space to installation, should run smoothly with the help of a qualified professional from casafix.

Pocket door rough opening

You will first need to remove the old door. The door jamb assembly is removed by cutting through the nails. Fort this task you can use a metal-cutting blade. With a wood-cutting blade you will remove pieces of wallboard but you must avoid cutting too deep. A section of the drywall is removed to help you frame in a new header and the current header it’s removed by slicing through the nails that fasten the header to the studs. A new 2X4 header is cut off, nailed at both ends, and screwed to the cripple studs.

Remember to check that there is enough room in the wall. A rough opening twice the size of the floor will be required. You should also check if the walls have wiring or plumbing. Concealed wiring can be easily detected with a noncontact voltage sensor.

Pocket door frame installation

The existing door is removed by first pulling off the molding, and with a saw blade you cut through the nails that are clustered around the shims. You will need to use a demolition blade or metal cutting blade rated for cutting wood and nails.

You will determine the header height based on your need for a soleplate. The kit’s split-stud is secured to the floor when the covering on the subfloor is minimal. The rough-opening width is determined and a new stud installed. Screw or nail the new header in place and finally the soleplate is cut and fitted to the floor.

Installing pocket door hardware

The pocket door kit includes a set of rollers, which includes hanging bolts for the door. Rollers will run inside the track on the top of the door. There are two roller assemblies for each door leaf, and two matching hangers or brackets. You should also have door guides, screws, and other items required for installation.

Pocket door rollers are easy to install. First, you cut the end of the track short and insert the first roller into the opening. Then you move the wheels towards the center of the door till you set the second set of wheels. You will also install the pocket door hangers on top of the door near each end, about four inches in from each end of the pocket door. Hangers are attached with screws provided in the installing kit. After that, you will install the actual door. The back hanger is aligned with the back bracket after releasing the retention clips. You will set the retention clip after sliding the bracket onto the hangers. The front hanger is aligned with the front bracket and the bracket slide onto the hanger. The door should be functional. You also need to install the pocket door guides and pocket door bumper. Guides go on the bottom of the door jamb and they help keep the door centered in the pocket. The bumper goes at the far end of the pocket on the jamb stud and they prevent the door from going further into the pocket.

For additional information or help installing a pocket door contact a Pro from casafix.