Help FAQs

-How does it work?

You will first enter the Zip Code of your home or business in the search box of our website. Professionals choose the Zip Code or areas where they work and the distance in miles where they would like to offer their services. casa will match the client's Zip Code to the professional or services offered in this area.

-Why should I trust casa?

Our professionals have over 20 years of experience. casa was designed taking into account the needs of its users. We offer one of the most effective tools in the digital world to search for home improvement services. We also count with an expanding local portfolio and articles on some specific home improvement topics.

-What cities can receive services from casa?

casa currently covers the entire South Florida area but our website is available to business and clients nationwide.

-How do I know if the professional is trustworthy?

casa Pros go through a verification and approval process before we include them in our listings. We suggest you check out reviews and customer satisfaction ratings for a particular professional business. It’ll help you make a solid decision. casa 's main goal is using our platform to match clients with specific services or professionals and viceversa.

-How does your ratings and review system work?

casa has a great ratings and review system. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the services rendered by a casa Pro. By evaluating a business you will help other clients find what they need and improve the casa of our services.

-What types of services do you offer?

Our network serves thousands of Pros offering their skills and professional expertise in all areas of home improvement, such as home repair, household appliances and electronics repair, building, remodeling, plumbing, electricity, gardening and any other work needed around the house regardless of its complexity.

-Do I have to pick a casa pro?

We have professionals that match your search criteria and those interested in this type of work, but the final decision is yours.

-When is the best time to rate or review a company?

Although this can be done at any time, we suggest you rate or review the company when the job is done so you can have more things to say to other users that may be seeking the same services, business, or professional.

-What happens if I decide to cancel a project?

This should be discussed between you and the Pro. Most professionals will require you to pay for the work done to that point and the materials purchased. We ask that you please write about your experience with each business or professional.

-What are the steps casa takes when receiving a complaint about a business or professional?

Your evaluation will help casa and clients find out about the quality of the services received. First, we will evaluate what happened on both ends, between the professional and the client. Oftentimes, it’s just a misunderstanding. However, if the professional has many negative comments, we reserve the right to inmediatly remove this company or individual from our listings.