Hardwood floor installation Miami, Step by Step

Hardwood floors can add a timeless elegance to your home interiors by enhancing every space and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Homes with wood floors generally sell faster. These floors have requirements for installation you should be familiar with before undertaking a project of such caliber. Hardwood floor installation Miami, depending on the type of project, is often done by a professional. If you are not planning to do it yourself, you can browse casafix and find a hardwood floor installation professional in your area.

Choosing wood flooring according your needs and expectations

You will find many options when choosing wood flooring but the most important thing is to hire the right hardwood floor installation professional or learn the right steps for proper installation. Choosing the type of floor is a matter of preference or personal taste. Some things you should keep in mind when choosing your floor include:

  • Wood species - Among the most popular species are hickory, maple, oak, ash, birch, walnut, and cherry. The species you choose will determine the floor’s durability and appearance.
  • Durability- Some hardwoods are more durable than others. You should choose the one that provides the durability level you desire. Species such as maple, oak, and hickory have high hardness ratings that guarantee a more durable floor.

  • Color - Every species has a distinct color. Color is also based on the stain applied to the wood. Staining is used to enhance the color and lessen color inconsistencies.

  • Texture – It will affect the look of your floor and compliment the design and decoration of your home interiors. There are three different types of textures: smooth, distressed and hand-crafted. A smooth texture can create a classic look, a distressed texture can create a country look and a hand-crafted texture can serve rooms with a more contemporary or rustic look.

Types of hardwood flooring you can buy

There are different types of wood flooring used to enhance your home appearance and create the stylish comfort you desire:

  • Unfinished wood flooring -This type of floor is a great option if there is a need to match your current floor or if you are looking for a particular color that will easily blend into your home decor. The finish for this floor is applied on the job site.
  • Factory-finished wood flooring -The finish is already applied by the manufacturer and they don’t require as much time to install it because the sanding and finishing is already done.
  • Solid wood flooring - This is a thick piece of wood of about ¾” to 5/16”. These floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times. They are also very durable.
  • Engineered wood floors -These are real wood floors that expand and contract effortlessly during fluctuating weather. It may be sanded or refinished, depending on the thickness of the floor.

Preparing the surface

In order to install a wood floor you must first prep the sub-floor. Sub-floors are the ideal surface for installation. Prepping the sub-floor is critical to successful installation but the foundation must be solid. Three things you should consider first are:

  • Structural Integrity – The integrity of your sub-floor is essential. Listen for squeaks and feel for parts that may be hollow. Countersink screw heads and nails. If the dub-floor has suffered major damaged it might be better to contact a professional.
  • Flat and even surface – Subfloors should have a tolerance of 3/16 of an inch over about 8-10 feet. That means it should not have dips or humps of more than 3/16”. Minor hump problems can be fixed.
  • Moisture – Many wooden floors are installed on concrete slabs, which have a porous material that attracts humidity. You can use a test kit to make sure that the floor and concrete meet the standards of recommended moisture level for installation.

Hardwood floor installation Miami: Steps to Follow

  • Plan your floor - Think about the subfloor material you have, which will influence the direction of the wood.
  • Prepare the subfloor - Make sure is leveled for installation. More details described on ‘preparing the surface.’
  • Acclimate the Wood - This is the process by which you match the wood’s humidity and temperature to the temperature and ambient of your home.
  • Lay the first row - It’s important to remember that the first board will set the tone for the rest of the installation. Take your time and do it accurately.
  • Laying hardwood on challenging areas - Working around vents, through doors, and around walls or obstacles can be complicated therefore you need to be extra careful.
  • Laying the last board - When laying the last boards you will use a blind nail since the stapler or nailer will not fit.

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