How to lay tiles

Laying tile is a task most people cringe at the thought of doing, but if you're committed and ready for the task. Then you will reap the benefits! You will save money, lots. You will also gain the satisfaction of making your home the way you want it.

Before you get started here are a few things you will need.

Materials and tools for laying tiles

  • Tile (Size, color, design of your choosing)
  • Scoring trowel
  • Tiling adhesive
  • Wetsaw
  • Tile spacer (If tile does not have spacers installed.)
  • Level
  • Grout (Color of your choice)
  • Sealer (Some grouts come with sealer included)
  • Rubber grout float

Laying floor tiles

Before you get started. Measure the area(s) you are laying tile on. Then consult your home improvement advisor for help on how many tiles you may need to get the job done.

Now lets get started.

  1. Now that you have the measurements of your room and assuming you've already removed all furniture and preexisting tiles. Start at the middle of the room and lay out your tiles from middle to the edge. This is get a gauge on how many tiles are required for this section of the house. Don't forget to leave a small space in between the tiles.
  2. Once you gauged accordingly , now begin to add adhesive with a scoring trowel and gently place tiles on top. ( do not twist the tile)
  3. Set tile spaces between each new tile to make sure the space is even.
  4. Level your tile from time to time to make sure your work stays level.
  5. You will occasionally need to reshape tile for odd shaped rooms, use a wet�saw to accomplish this task.
  6. After the tile is set. Wait 24 hours for adhesive to dry.
  7. Using a rubber groat float begin to apply the grout on to the tiles. Use diagonal motions to achieve greater spread and evenness.
  8. Skim excess grout from the tiles.
  9. Let dry for 30 minutes.
  10. While you wait, you can also apply caulking on the trim of the rooms to seal the tiles on the outer edge.
  11. Using warm water and a large sponge, remove any grout haze that covering the tile. You may need to change water several times during this process.
  12. Allow tiles time to cure 24 hours.
  13. Once done, go ahead and reinstall any item that goes on the floor and add furniture.