Best indoor plants in Miami

Best indoor plants to purify the air and decorate your home

Interior designers have used plants for years to brighten up a space. Plants are amazing filters that purify air around us, and also create a more soothing ambiance. According to research plants can also help reduce stress levels, help patients heal faster, and relive tension. Pick the best indoor plants in Miami that will suit your style and room temperature and you will see the difference.

Factors to consider when choosing indoor house plants

It’s important to remember that each plant has its own favorite environmental conditions, so find out information online about which are the best indoor plants.

  • Environmental factors affecting plant growth: These are classified as environmental and genetic. The genetic factor is determined by the genes of the plant and the environmental by the environmental factors such as temperature, soil reaction, composition of the atmosphere, supply of mineral nutrients, radiant energy, etc.
  • Factors related with indoor plants care: It’s important to maintain the appearance and health of our indoor and outdoor plants. First, you must pick the right location. You find a location away from AC vent and with good light, in front of curtains, and above television or radiator. Secondly, you must water them regularly. You must also keep your plants free o pests and dust, remove unhealthy growth, and fertilize them. Make sure weeds stay away and prune them when necessary. Last but not least, kill off snails, slugs, and insects, which tend to damage and consume your plant.

Air purifying indoor plants

The quality of the indoor air can always be improved. Oftentimes indoor pollution can be much worse than the outdoor pollution. According to research by NASA, some plants can improve air quality. They include:

  • Garden Mum - This house plant is an air-purifying hero since it removes formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia altogether from indoor air.
  • Spider Plant: These are the easiest household plants to grow. It’s a great choice if you are growing plants for the first time.
  • Air purifying indoor plants: There are many kinds of these plants. They have long-wide leaves and they are also toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Ficus/Weeping Fig: This is a great indoor house plant with some serious air-cleaning abilities but they can also be taken outside when temperatures are moderate.
  • Peace Lily: These plants are small but they also have amazing air-cleaning abilities. They grow during the summer but their flowers release pollen and floral scents in the air.
  • Boston Fern: They clean the air from a cool location with indirect light and high humidity.
  • Bamboo Palm: They filter formaldehyde. One of the reasons why they filter so much air is their capacity to grow.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe can be curative. It contains a clear liquid full of vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes, which together with other compounds gives it antibacterial, wound-healing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Best indoor plants for decoration

Indoor plants can bring color, shape, and life to every room. Decorating with indoor house plants can be simple. Whether you choose small or large decorative indoor plants they are a powerful tool to design any space. Some indoor tropical plants such as Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Bromeliads, Ficus, Dumb Cane, Palms etc. are well worth the effort as they will add warmth to any space and create a welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for fresh decorating ideas with good indoor plants, contact a Pro from casafix today!