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Construction, repair, remodeling, home improvement, and general contractors for custom homes, prefab homes, commercial projects, etc. Find these specialized services and contact an expert home builder.


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General Contractors Miami

Most major construction jobs are done by a general contractor. A contractor goes by different titles. They can be known as a building or remodeling contractor. The general contractors Miami enter a contract with the homeowner to work on a project and stick to a price and timeline. Their job consists of hiring subcontractors, tradespeople, and purchasing materials. It is essential to choose a general contractor Miami carefully. You will need to find someone you feel comfortable working with. It is better to assume that problems will come up along the way and pick someone who you feel will be able to find the right solutions.

General contractors Miami have a variety of responsibilities; they responsible for estimating the cost of your project and negotiating a contract between each provider and the home or property owner, as well as hiring and negotiating contracts with subcontractors. The general contractor is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all building permits and schedules inspections as the project progresses, in accordance to local code. They establish a payment schedule and pay subcontractors and material suppliers. Creating schedules for the workers, subcontractors, and deliveries is also part of the general contractor’s responsibilities, as well as negotiating material prices and placing orders. A qualified general contractor has the ability to easily interpret plans and specifications as well as supervising the work of the subcontractors and employees. Problem solving throughout the length of the project is also a must.

How to Find a Contractor

Large home improvement projects often require the supervision and direction that only a general contractor can provide. For many homeowners, one of the most difficult parts of a home renovation project is hiring a reliable contractor. A bad contractor can ruin your project and never accomplish what was required of him. It’s important to learn about how to find a contractor and the differences between them. Even with good contractors the home renovation can be stressful. Surprises such as leaking pipes, dangerous electrical wiring, and subfloors when tiles are removed will arise. Knowing how to find a contractor and choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world! The directory on casafix is a good place to start your search.

Hiring Contractors in Miami

Start asking friends and family and check lists of contractors in your area. Building inspectors can also give you advice or recommend you a good local contractor they have worked with. After you have a list of potential contractors, call them and ask them specific questions about their experience on projects like yours. A few questions can reveal their reliability and how efficiently the work will go. After you pick three or four contractors, based on phone interviews, meet for estimates. Don’t be fooled by personality. Make sure the Better Business Bureau rates the contractor you picked.

Homeowners looking for a contractor in their area can use casafix to locate pros nearby. If the project includes working with an architect, they can help find a general contractor. Some homeowners prefer to hire a contractor for a small job and judge based on how they handle the work. Look for someone with a great reputation. Make sure they will be on site regularly and readily available to handle any problem that might come up.

Find a Contractor

Chances are problems will come up during and after the project is done. Finding a trusted professional to handle problems efficiently and effectively is important. Those who prefer a warm approach can opt for a small company as it may be a better fit for working together on a project. Make sure to verify all of the contractor’s information.

Always make sure the estimate they are giving you is realistic and that it would be enough to cover the materials you want. It is also best to have the contract checked by a lawyer so make sure everything is in order. Keep in mind; it is never a good idea to go with the contractor with the lowest estimate. It is not a good sign if a contractor’s estimate is significantly lower than every other contractor you have spoken to. This usually means he made a mistake and could end up doing a poor job or not completing the work.

It is always a good idea to do your research before you hire a contractor. Reading online reviews is a good start but it is not enough information. Homeowners should also check references. When it is time to sign the contract, make sure it is detailed. The contract should state everything that will be done. This should include deadlines, payments, the exact materials that are going to be used and who will be providing them. If you feel the contract presented to you is not detailed enough, then write up one of your own or include additions.

Different types of Home Contractors

Most renovation projects require permits. There will be companies that suggest the job can be done without permits to save on costs. If you are caught without a permit, you can be fined and the work will be subject to inspection by the city to ensure it is up to code. If you ever decide to sell, work done without a permit can cause problems. It is the contractor’s job to get the permits. If you encounter a general contractor that says you are responsible for getting the permits, it might be time to get a new contractor.

Miami contractors

This category of general contractor will tackle a lot of different aspects of a project. They know it all: basic HVAC, basic plumbing, carpentry, sheet-rock, basic electrical, and many other areas of home remodeling and improvement. They are generally called “handyman.” However, with license and experience, they can become more than that. They manage aspects such as: budgets, schedules, and also sub-contractors. They oversee the work and don’t have much time to do any work themselves.


Sub-contractors work under the direction of the general contractor. Categories include: electricians, carpenters, painters, plumbers, roofers, tile setters, and framers. They show up at the job site when needed. When there is a good general contractor everything works smoothly.

Specialty contractors

Specialty contractors are very common and reliable. However, make sure they are licensed and insured. With these contractors, you will be responsible for calling them, managing schedules, etc.

Freelance workers

Freelance workers are the most affordable type of contractors. However, they might not have expertise in all aspects of your project.

Looking for General Contractors Miami

When you are looking to work on a large home project, general contractors Miami is sometimes necessary. There is a lot of research that must be done before hiring general contractors Miami. Every homeowner needs to be sure their general contractor is licensed and experienced. You are going to be putting a lot of trust in the person so it is best to be very thorough when looking into their reputation. Online reviews are helpful but not enough information to base a decision on. Ideally, they will also have a good reputation on Better Business Bureau and their credentials check out. Get multiple quotes and meet with several contractors by using casafix’s handy directory before making a decision. You will be working closely with them until the project is finished so it is important that you can work well together.

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