Choosing glass shower enclosures in Miami

Oftentimes we pay more attention about the design of the living room and the bedroom and forget the bathroom. Bathrooms are quickly becoming as important as any other feature in the house. Many modern bathrooms come with frameless shower enclosures. These doors make your bathroom look more attractive and spacious. They are turning out to be a great choice when it comes to designing a functional bathroom that will fit with the rest of the home.

Glass shower enclosures designs

Designers are coming up with inspiring frameless shower enclosures designs. You can now have an elegant enclosure, easy to maintain at an affordable price. You must remember that your bathroom and overall house décor reflects who you are. Showers fall into three categories of designs:

  • Bathtub showers
  • Alcove stand-alone showers
  • Corner standalone showers

You choose the door depending on the design on your shower, how large is the opening, and how far you want the door to open. Barrier-free doors are often very convenient. They are wider, don’t require bottom track, and provide easier access.

Glass options for shower enclosures

There are a variety of glass options available for your shower enclosures in Miami:

  • Clear and colored: The clarity of this glass becomes more apparent as the glass gets thicker, preserving an attractive azure-green color.
  • Patterned Glass: The most common patterns are clear, obscure, and rain but there is also other patterns.
  • Heavy glass: Heavier glass offers more privacy and they are easier to keep looking clean.
  • Cast glass: This three dimensional glass is custom designed with any patterns you want.
  • Chipped edges: This is a scalloped edge work on the glass.

How much is a glass shower enclosure

Cost can vary depending on the type of work. Estimates are used for preliminary planning but they don’t reflect the final price. We strongly recommend a professional for this type of project so you can have an accurate assessment of everything your project may require before making the final decision or committing to anything. Cost estimates include:

  • The cost of material/equipment delivery and the service provider transportation.
  • Costs of preparing the site for the shower enclosure installation.
  • Cleanup and debris removal costs.
  • Labor setup time, hourly charges, mobilization time, etc.
  • There are other costs such as permit or inspection fees which may also apply.

The average cost to install these doors is $1000 and the maximum cost $1300. With the help of a professional from casafix you will complete your project in no time.