Are you a professional or owner of a company?

Become part of the casa team. Appear in our search results and allow home owners to hire your services.

Join to casafix

When you press the Join to casafix button in the HOMEPAGE.

You will see the search bar where you can find your Company ( Pro ).

Search Pro

In order to claim your Company, you will type on the search box the name and location of your business.

Your Company or the companies matching your search criteria will be displayed.

Claim this Pro

If your Company has not been claimed, You will begin the claims process.

In order to start the claims process you will press the Claim this Pro button; but you would have to first register yourself as a casafix user.

If the Claim this Pro button doesn’t show up because your Company has been claimed by another person, you will contact us to dispute it.

Register your company on casafix

If your Company doesn’t show up in our listings, You will have the option to register on casa.

Press the Add my Company to enter the required information to register your Company in the system.

Once your Company as been registered, it will go through an approval process before it’s published on casa listings. This will allow Home Owners to hire your services.