Impact windows Miami

The impact windows’ main function and characteristic is the shatter-resistant glass highly fastened to a sturdy aluminum frame they have. The glass glazing consists of two layers to make it securely resistant. There are two layers of tempered or annealed glass fused to an intermediate layer of a membrane that is completely shatter-proof. In these impact windows, the membrane is consists of Polyvinyl Butyral, which is a plastic film that can be as thick as .090 inches or as thin as .015, all depending on the needs of the design. If the outer glass where to break in a storm, the shattered glass would bind to the Polyvinyl Butyral film.

Unlike impact windows, in a case such as this one, standard glass windows would fracture into fairly large sharp fragments because they are made of standard float glass.

Impact windows options

When choosing impact windows Miami, there a three options: Wood, vinyl and aluminum. Wood is a recyclable material that serves as a great insulator with high energy performance, but comes with high maintenance. Vinyl is also an excellent insulator with high energy performance, but low maintenance at a lower cost. Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing with low maintenance.

When choosing the glass, you have two options: laminated or insulated laminated. Laminated consists of two separate glass sheets bonded by a plastic film. Insulated laminated is also a laminated unit, but with an additional layer of glass added to it with sealed air space in between. This type of glass is used more commonly in colder states where the temperature inside the house varies greatly from the outside.

Building and security requirements for impact glass windows

Impact windows are a great choice, but you must consider the building and security requirements if you live in a complex, privately-owned neighborhood, an apartment, or a building. There are several different requirements depending on where you wish to install the impact windows and what location you are in. The best way to learn the requirements or restrictions is by visiting the county website or hiring a professional that will explain all the options available.

Why install impact resistant windows in Miami, Fl?

There are plenty of benefits to installing impact windows. One of the most important and common reasons why is that they protect you from the weather, especially if you live in a state like Florida where we experience hurricanes regularly. These impact windows are strong and sturdy enough to protect you and your house. Additionally, these windows are a great way to increase the value of your home, especially if you plan to sell it. They also provide UV protection preventing the rays from entering your home and insulating your home, helping you save money on cooling and heating bills.

If you are considering installing impact windows into your South Florida home, casafix can provide professional help and services to make your home safe.