Moving tips: How to organize it all

Moving out can become the most exciting experience of your life but it can also be very frustrating if you don’t plan it ahead of time. It’s a big responsibility and like all responsibilities, it requires time and dedication. If you are considering moving out, some moving tips may help ease the process.

Estimate moving costs: Evaluate your budget

One of the first moving tips to consider is having a budget to cover the moving expenses. Whether you want a place of your own or sharing a place with friends, it will cost you. If you are looking for a place of your own, it’s important you have a steady income. The best way to calculate the amount of monthly rent you can afford is by dividing your monthly income by three or your annual income by 40. The number you get is the max you can pay in monthly rent. You should also think about the down payment. Security deposits are generally one month rent. Moving expenses such as the moving truck will cost around $40-$150, including supplies such as boxes, tape, etc. A full-service move with a company will cost you around $300-$600.

The moving to-do list

Having a moving checklist can save you time and make things run smoothly. You should break down the tasks into weekly to-do lists:

  • 8 weeks - Research moving companies and ask for advice to friends and family who have recently moved. When moving to a new area, research on schools, doctors, banks and gather all the required paperwork.
  • 7 weeks – Get estimates from at least three moving companies. An estimator can also come to your home and do inventory. You can also have a folder or binder with all important documents, including people you may need to contact. If you have children, make plans ahead of time for a smooth transition.
  • 6 weeks – Get rid of things you don’t need any longer. You can donate them to charities or have a garage sale. Start packing items that you rarely use.
  • 5 weeks – Stop doing too much grocery shopping. Tell friends and family of your plans to move. Get moving supplies such as boxes, labels, tape, etc. Make a packing schedule for each room and get started!
  • 4 weeks - Make address changes on all accounts. Ask for vacation time for a few days. Confirm all the paperwork and make sure you have the required insurance to cover any valuables.
  • 3 weeks - Keep special items away from moving boxes and make a plan on how to transport them.
  • 2 weeks – Make sure appliances you intend to move are clean and unplugged. Fill prescriptions you may need and make sure you have enough cash to cover any unexpected expenses.
  • 1 week – Utilities are turned off one day before your move in day. Pack up your computers and have a backup plan, to pay bills, etc. while they are in transit. Have each person in the house pack a suitcase with essential items they may need during the first two weeks at the new place. Confirm with the moving company the time, cell phone numbers, and any other last-minute details. Make sure everything is clean before you leave.

Choose a reliable moving company

Moving can turn into a nightmare when you don’t choose the right company to do the job. There are reputable moving companies you will find on the internet. However, use your discretion and try local companies first that have been in business for a while and have good recommendations or reviews. You can set up an appointment and have a few moving companies come to your house and give you an estimate of how much everything will cost. Don’t hire a mover that charges on cubic feet or sign paperwork that has not been fully explained. If you have any questions or need professional assistance during the whole packing and moving out process casafix allows you to contact these services in Miami or in your specific area.