Building a deck in Miami

Building a deck can become an amazing project that will enhance your home’s appearance. Keeping your home in shape will definitely add to its curb appeal. It’s a good investment that will save you money down the road.

Learning about deck materials

When building a new deck it’s important to consider the deck materials you will use. Choosing the material for building a deck in Miami can be difficult as there many more surface options available out there, besides wood that will help extend the life of your deck and reduce maintenance costs. Decks are generally made of wood. However, composite decking is also very popular. This type of material can be costly but it will save you money when compared with the maintenance cost of wood.

If you have a more traditional taste, wood is the good choice for you, in terms of longevity. Cedar or redwood is great for decking materials. It can make for a durable and attractive structure. However, this type of deck can be three times more expensive than pressure treated lumber. Composite wood can also be a good option as it comes in different stains and colors and it won’t split, crack, or warp.

How much does it cost to build a deck?

You can expand your living area by building a deck. Decks can be affordable, depending on the type of material and dimensions of the area you pick. The national average cost for a deck is about $31 per square foot. However, it all depends on how extravagant or simple your taste is. The size of your deck is also a big factor. Smaller decks will cut down on the amount of decking and the number of posts, joists, piers, screws, and metal connectors. These decks also take less time to build. The design will also affect the amount you pay to build a deck. For example, a rectangular deck is more affordable than a deck with multiple levels, patterns, and curves. If you build the deck yourself you can save money cut the cost in half. The type of material you choose will also affect the cost of building a deck.

Hiring a Miami deck builder

Once you have made the decision to hire a deck builder, you will first sign a contract, which will include some important documents with components such as the total price, insurance documentation, and contractor’s license date when the project will be completed, and a statement that the contractor is responsible for any damage caused to the home grounds during construction. Contact a casafix pro if you to help you choose and build the best deck for your property.