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Pest and plague control and prevention services: termite, rodents, insects, bats, etc. Find these specialized services and contact a pest control professional.


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Pest control Miami

We all know how inconvenient pest control can be. Pest control in Miami can range from bugs and insects to birds and rodents. Whatever the pest control issue may be, casafix has everything you need to find a professional pest control company in Miami. From inspections to fumigation companies in Miami, the pros at casafix are here to help.

Treat a termite infestation in Miami

The thought of having termites can be pretty overwhelming. Termites live underground and inside walls so this makes it difficult to know if your home is infested without a professional termite inspection. Since termites are difficult to spot, it is important to watch out for these signs that indicate you have an infestation. Termite droppings look like brown pellets and are a clear sign that you should look into fumigation services. Wings that resemble fish scales are another sign of an infestation. If you see these in your home, it is time for a termite inspection. Once you’ve contacted a fumigation company in Miami, an inspector will come to your home to confirm the infestation. casafix provides you with a directory of exterminators in your area.

Rat control, Miami

Rodents can be very difficult to exterminate because of their ability to adapt to almost any environment. A rodent infestation can cause significant damage to a structure. They also carry numerous diseases and are a health hazard to humans living in an infested building. They populate quickly which is part of what makes them so difficult to eliminate. Needless to say, once you become aware of an infestation it is best to notify a professional pest control company immediately.

Organic pest control for birds

Some birds carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and are classified as a public health threat. They also wreak havoc on building exteriors and can lead to lost business. Bird droppings are problematic because it creates an unsanitary environment and damages buildings. Bird droppings are also expensive to clean up. If birds are becoming a problem at your home or business, it is best to contact a pest control company. They can create a bird control program tailored to your home or business that will remedy the situation.

Organic pest control approaches work best when dealing with a bird problem. For long term results it is usually best to make adjustments that will make it difficult for them to stay in that habitat. To start, reduce food availability and access to protective shelter for nesting. Once you notify a pest control professional, they will conduct an inspection to gather information. Based on the information they gather, they will choose the most effective methods to manage the problem.


Cockroaches can enter your home in various ways. The most common are through cracks, drain pipes, vents and sewers. Unfortunately, your home can be an ideal environment for cockroaches. Your home has everything they need, food, water, and a place to nest. They also reproduce at an alarming rate. For every cockroach you see, there are plenty more hiding behind the walls. They are nocturnal so if you see one during the day, that can be a sign of an infestation. Their skin and feces can make asthma and allergies act up. Attempting to treat a cockroach infestation yourself can be a losing battle. If you suspect an infestation, it’s important to contact a professional pest control company to handle the situation.


Most pet owners dread the possibility of a flea infestation. Having fleas in the house can be uncomfortable for all who reside in the home. Fleas are usually brought into a home by a pet or other mammal host. If they can no longer feed on the original host, they will start feeding the humans in the house.

There are many signs that indicate a flea infestation. A common clue would be the pets in the house are scratching more than usual. This incessant itching is caused by the fleas feeding on the pet’s blood. People may also experience bites that leave behind itchy marks. Flea dirt and feces can also indicate a flea infestation. Flea dirt looks like ground pepper and is usually found where the animal host rests.

Most over the counter products for flea control will not resolve the issue. If you suspect you are dealing with a flea infestation, it is time to contact a professional pest control company. After an inspection, they will prepare a management plan to treat the infestation.


Most homes have a spider population that helps keep other pests from entering the house. But when you start to see spiders regularly, have an allergy to spiders, or identify them as poisonous, you have a spider problem. Spider problems can sometimes be taken care of with reducing the hospitality of your environment. Cleaning the house and focuses on secluded areas should scare away any spiders in hiding. Using screens and weather stripping on your windows can help keep out unwanted spiders. If you are having a difficult time managing the spider population in your home, it is time to call a pest control company. There are various methods available to treat a spider infestation and they are reasonably priced and effective. Many methods will also kill ants, cockroaches, and other pests your home might have.


Earwigs are burrowing insects that are about half an inch long and reddish-brown in color. They are nocturnal and usually seen in the summer. They have distinguishing sharp pincers at the ends of their abdomen that set them apart from other insects. Earwigs will eat just about anything and are detrimental to any garden. They devour entire leaves and can destroy gardens pretty quickly. The best pest control method to rid your home or garden or earwigs depends on how severe the problem is. For an indoor infestation, there is a chemical call Esfenvalerate that is effective. You could try a do it yourself pest control approach or you could contact a professional pest control company to take care of the issue. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to cover the foundation inside and out, and all openings including vents and pipes. If you have an indoor infestation, this is usually an indication of an outdoor infestation making its way inside. Be sure to treat the outside as well to cure the infestation completely.


Squirrels can in your house is a serious threat that can endanger your home and your family. Squirrels are often forced into your attic, chimney, or crawlspace to live. They will gnaw their way through your foundation and quickly set up nests. Most squirrel infestations are in the attic. They will tear through the insulation and shred ductwork. Eventually, the attic will start to reek of urine. The most dangerous part of a squirrel infestation is that they can cause damage to the electrical wiring and this can result in a fire. If you are faced with a squirrel infestation, it is time to call a professional. This is not something you should try to tackle on your own. Pest control professionals have many ways to deal with your squirrel problem. After the squirrel problem has been dealt with, you should do seal the any structural weakness in your house to prevent another infestation.

Dealing with pest control in Miami can be challenging. From identifying the problem to finding the right professional pest control company, casafix is here to make the process a little easier. Our directory of fumigation services and pest control professionals will help you find the right pro in your area. Pest control in Miami doesn’t have to be daunting, as long as you have the right pro to get the job done.

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