Building your inground pools Miami

Inground pools in Miami can provide multiple benefits. People these days seem to be traveling less therefore having a recreational spot to refresh at home is a great idea and it will also help improve your quality of life. Families are constantly being pulled apart by so many distractions. In-ground pools will help keep these distractions at bay and bring families and friends closer.

Types of in-ground pools

There are different types of in-ground pools for the enjoyment of your whole family. Each one has its unique style, advantages and disadvantages.

Fiberglass in-ground pools

Fiberglass pools are one-piece shells, which come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many of them feature floor patterns and integrated tile. They are easy to install and have different designs and shapes. However, they can be very costly and lack structural support around the pool, which may cause them to heave or shift in the ground.

Vinyl-lined in-ground pools

Their structure is a lot like pools above the ground but they have conservative in-ground designs. A hole is opened in the ground and a wood en or plastic wall encloses it. Similar to the above-ground pools, sand is laid across the bottom of the hole and the vinyl coating is fastened to the wall. These pools are very affordable than the rest of the in-ground designs but they don’t last that long. The liner should be replaced every 10 years.

Gunite pools

These are concrete pools generally built in states with moderate weather conditions. They are generally used in commercial applications including swimming pools, commercial applications, etc. The land is first excavated and the pool shaped. Gunite is a material or mixture of cement and sand sprayed onto the rebar. The interior of the swimming pool is then finished with tile, painting, glass bead, polished marble, and plaster. There are many designs options for these types of pools yet textured surfaces are quite uncomfortable, difficult to repair, and they attract bacteria and algae.

Concrete block swimming pool

These are very similar to Gunite pools but they are difficult to build. The concrete is poured into wooden forms. Gunite methods have taken over and poured-concrete pools aren’t that popular any longer. The walls are built with concrete blocks in masonry block pools.

In-ground pools vs above ground pools

Pools built above the ground are the cheapest option to build. These pools are generally made with prefabricated kits. First the Pros form a flat surface by leveling off the ground to. After that, a perimeter track is assembled and the vinyl liner is secured over the pool walls. Lastly, the pool is filled with water. These pools aren’t as durable as above-ground pools and they are not as attractive but they are easy to disassemble.

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