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Tru-Cutz Lawn Service of Miami Inc.

16322 SW 53rd Terrace Miami, FL 33185

Tru-Cutz provides a service unlike any other in the industry. We follow up on the details so that you don't have to. Other Landscaping companies feel that you need them; we believe it is the other way around. We have made a name for ourselves by providing the kind of service that shows your satisfaction is important to us. No job is too small or too big!

Services Offered

  • Landscaping for Yard or Garden
  • Synthetic Grass installation
  • Minor Grading
  • Soil, Sand, Mulch and Rock Delivery
  • Outdoor Lighting - Plan, Install and Repair
  • Outdoor Mist Cooling System
  • Sod installation
  • Drywell
  • Lawn Seeding / Hydroseeding
  • Shrub Trimming and Removal
  • Trees and Shrubs - Treat, Protect and Maintain
  • Trees Trimming and Pruning

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Miami, FL 33142

(305) 305-3244

Miami, FL 33177

(305) 235-9140

Miami, FL 33173

(305) 300-9806

Miami, FL 33127

(786) 606-9503

Miami, FL 33178

(786) 303-0577