Rain gutters Miami

Rain gutters in Miami can be very beneficial, especially during rainy season. Water can damage the house if it’s not maintained or controlled properly. Every house should have them installed. This is something now required on new residential construction. Some of the main reasons why rain gutters are so indispensable include:

  • Any problems with the foundation of the house can be avoided.
  • You can prevent flooding under the houses and in the basement.
  • Prevent erosion which helps with landscaping.
  • Avoid water damage to siding.
  • Brick or stone masonry won’t be damaged.
  • Less cracking and setting of driveways, patios, and sidewalks.

Rain gutters materials

There are different types of materials used in rain gutters Miami. The most common one is aluminum but there are also others available:

  • Aluminum - They can be pricey, about $5 to $9 but they never rust, which makes them a good investment
  • Galvanized steel - These are very economical and the price can range from $4 to $8 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl - They are very easy to install because they are easy to cut to size and they are impermeable to rust and rot. However, they can be fragile with age or extreme weather.
  • Copper - Copper doesn’t rust but it could be very expensive, the price ranging from $12 to $20.
  • Wood - These are not installed any longer and they require a lot of maintenance. Price range from $12 to $20.

Rain gutters types: Styles and sizes

Sectional gutters are sold in pieces and they are easier to install. However, they may leak. Seamless gutters will not leak since they don’t have seems. Gutters come in different sizes. The most common ones are the U and K shape. The size is the most important thing to think about. You can choose from rectangular shapes that come in 2x3-in or 3x4 in or 3-4 inch round pipes. Metal gutters also come in different sizes. The most common one is 2"X3" downspout. In areas where there is less rainfall the 4-inch one is more popular. In places where rainfall is heavy you will also find 6" gutters with 3"x 4" downspout. There are also multiple colors available for the aluminum and steel categories but not as many choices available for Vinyl, which generally come only in white or brown. Copper rain gutters come in a natural color.