Roof leak repair in Miami

Fix common leaks in shingle roofs

Rainy season inSouth Florida can be quite long. Our home is our safe haven during these stormy days and it’s important we take care of leaks before it causes considerable damage to our roofs and our health. Some roof leak repair tips can help prevent a disaster and avoid damages inside your home interior walls and foundation. You should check regularly for missing shingles, nails, discolored patches, cracks, blisters, mold growth, etc. If you have these problems, contact a roof leak repair in Miami or learn about ways you can fix this situation, when damages are not serious.

Roof vent leak repair

Tracking a roof leak can be a hard task to accomplish but the fixes are generally easy. For example, an easy way to fix a leaking roof vent pipe is:

  • First, with a pocketknife you can scrape rough edges and the plastic vent pipe’s sharp points.
  • Second, you cut away the old caulk around the vent pipe. The knife blade will help you scrape the pipe clean.
  • Then a thick bead of lap-seal caulk is applied throughout the seam and below the first head.
  • And finally replacement rubber gasket is slide over the pipe and pressed down tight to the flange.

When searching for a leak, remember that running water will not reveal the exact location of the leak. You will have to remove shingles in the suspect area in order to track it down more accurately. There will be evidence of rotted-wood or water stains that will lead you to the right source.

Repair roof shingles with holes or cracks

Some leaks are caused by minor problems such as a torn shingle. These can be easily handled with a few do-it-yourself tools. If you are not able to fix this problem, a professional from casafix can help you find the solution. Remember water damages can spread quickly, even from a small leak. A quick way to fix it is by gathering a roofing cement tube together with aluminum flashing. The flashing is cut so that it spreads underneath the tabs on both sides and roofing cement is applied to the surface below the shingle. Finally tab is pressed down to help the flashing stick to the roof.

Remember that working on a roof can be dangerous. You should not step into the roof that often and when access it with a good extension ladder. Never work on the roof during bad weather and call a Pro if you think the roof needs professional help.