Security cameras in Miami

Types of home security cameras

Having a top video surveillance system is imperative when it comes to protecting your home. There are many types of home security cameras available, and the prices vary depending on the quality and efficacy of protection. According to statistics, a home invasion occurs every 13 seconds, and two million home robberies are reported every year. A home security system will protect you and your loved ones not only when the home is vacant, but also when there are people inside. Most robberies occur during the day when no one is home. For this reason alone, a quality home security surveillance system is essential.

Home security cameras: analog and digital cameras

When choosing home security cameras in Miami, there are various options. Analog security cameras can be hooked up to any DVR system in order to record and you are also able to watch the live feed online. Analog cameras convert the video signal into a format that can be seen through a TV or any other monitor. The video feed from analog and digital cameras can be transmitted digitally.

IP security camera

An IP security camera or digital camera, as it’s also known, offers the most technologically innovative surveillance. The most important benefit of an IP security camera is its ability to provide high quality and high resolution video recording. These high quality cameras provide for more accurate and detailed face recognition and the ability to zoom in over long distances. The high resolution provided by an IP security camera is two to three times greater than that of an analog camera.

Hidden security cameras or spy camera

If you are looking for a discreet or undetectable camera system, then hidden security cameras may be the best option for you. Whether you’d like to keep your children or elderly parents safe, a hidden security camera system will ensure your loved ones are protected at all times. From nanny cams that can be hidden in other objects to a spy camera that can be stowed away on your person, these monitoring systems can help you catch anyone who you suspect of incorrect or inappropriate behavior. They come in all shapes and sizes according to your specific needs.

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