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Pool Contractors Miami

Installing an in-ground pool is a very large job that involves a great deal of construction. Consulting pool contractors Miami is highly recommended when taking on this kind of project. Not only will adding an in ground pool can increase the value of a property when it is time to sell; they are also visually pleasing and can blend seamlessly into the landscape. When investing in a swimming pool, pool contractors Miami can help homeowners with the entire process including the planning. In order to choose the right pool and stay within budget, it is always best to consult a professional. Pool contractors Miami are there to walk homeowners through each step until the process is complete.

Pool Construction Miami

Before committing to adding a swimming pool, it is important to look into the permits it will require. It is also important to make sure there is no sewage or power lines beneath the area the pool will be installed. In Miami’s warm climate, a pool is considered an asset and increases the value of the property. This is especially true if the pool is well maintained. When getting quotes for building and installing the pool, be sure to ask about package deals. Many packages will include plumbing, electrical systems, and pumps. Some can even include a fence and deck area. It is advised that homeowners get a detailed description of everything that is included in your package in writing. Keep in mind, installing an in-ground swimming pool will increase property taxes. It is not typically a large increase but it is something to consider. Before you begin the project, look for the right pool contractor on casafix.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool

There are three types of in-ground pools: fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. The cost of installation is similar for all three but the lifetime maintenance costs vary greatly. Casafix’s directory of professionals includes trusted pool contractors you can count on for any pool project.

A fiberglass pool is made by installing a preformed shell into a pre-dug hole that is the shape of the pool. The shell is usually kept at a maximum measurement of 16 feet across to avoid any damage during the shipment and installation process. This type of pool is the easiest to maintain and the shell does not have any special requirements. The cost of the pool with installation ranges from 45,000 dollars to 85,000 dollars. The maintenance cost during a ten year span would be about 4,000 dollars.

Concrete pools are very durable. However, they also get a great deal of algae and mold build up if not maintained properly. This type of pools requires acid washes to stop algae from forming. This process strips a thin layer away which causes it to need eventual re-plastering. Installing a concrete pool will cost between 50,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars. Concrete pools tend to be bigger that other types of pools and require more chemicals and electricity to maintain. When factoring in the acid wash and re-plastering, this pool costs around 27,000 over the span of 10 years.

Vinyl pools have become very popular because of how versatile they can be and how easy they are to maintain. They are available in a wide range of shapes and have a non-abrasive surface. Vinyl pools are easy to clean and do not allow algae to form very easily. Because of this, the cost of chemicals in much lower than concrete. Vinyl pools can be installed for about 35,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars. Maintenance over the span of ten years would be about 11,000 dollars.

There is not much of a difference in the initial cost of each type of swimming pool. However, the cost of maintenance varies greatly. The location and size you choose for your pool with have a direct impact on the cost. The location can impact the cost depending on what is beneath the ground where the pool will be installed. For example, if there is rock then it will take more time and be more costly. If you are installing a fiberglass swimming pool and a crane is needed to get the pool into the yard, this will also impact the final cost of the project. The average pool is about 14x28 feet and 6 ½ feet deep, and costs begin at around 20,000 dollars.

Custom Pools

When it comes to customizing your pool, the possibilities are endless. Hot tubs are a popular addition to many swimming pools. Adding a hot tub will typically cost 5,000 dollars to 8,000 dollars. Slides are a common addition in households with children. Depending on the design as features, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The slides with water jets will be on the high end of the price range.

Some find the look of natural stones surrounding the pool to be relaxing. The cost depends on whether the stones are natural or artificial and the design chosen. Lighting is an important addition to a swimming pool. It provides safety as well as set the mood when used at night. The average price is 75 dollars to 100 dollars per 50 watt light. Waterfalls are a great addition to any pool. The cost is difficult to calculate until you consult a contractor. If the swimming pool is deep enough, a diving board is a fun add-on to your pool, and can cost from 300 dollars to 1000 dollars depending on the model. They cost of installation can vary depending on codes and requirements.

If there are children and pets in the house, the pro’s at casafix say fences are a must. They can keep children and pets from possibly drowning or hurting themselves. There are some fences that are permanent while others are removable. Swimming pool fences range from 15 dollars to 20 dollars per foot. The gate is typically about 300 dollars.

Pool Companies in Miami

Installing an in-ground pool is a great investment and wonderful addition to any home. This type of addition will add value to the property and is a good investment overall. It is important to consider the additional taxes on the property as well as the cost of maintenance. This kind of project larger and can be a too much for a DIY approach. When planning to add a swimming pool to a property, careful planning and consulting a pool contractor is always recommended.

Pool contractors Miami can help a homeowner with the planning and execution of a swimming pool project. It is helpful to have pool contractor Miami help when it comes to this project because there are a lot of things to take into consideration and figure out. They will be able to guide homeowners through any unexpected problem that could arise. Make sure to research and interview multiple pool contractors Miami before hiring one. Getting recommendations from friends and family can help narrow down the search. Online reviews are useful and can help make an informed decision. Do not accept the first quote given to you. Take the time to shop around and get multiple estimates. Getting more than one quote can help in finding the right package for the property.

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