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Miami upholsterers

Upholstery: the work, and art of providing sitting furniture, with filling, coils, lattice, and cloth, leather or suede coverings. An art form and craft which has progressed over many centuries, upholstery for stuffing and wrapping couches, benches, and chairs, uses sewing machines, synthetic materials, and foam.

Finding professional Miami upholsterers can prove difficult. There are many Miami upholsterers specializing in different kinds of furniture refinishing and coverings. While DIY articles and websites exist all over the internet for do-it-yourselfers, don’t put the integrity of your fine furniture at risk by attempting to refinish your own furniture.

Furniture upholsters have industrial equipment, years of experience, and refined skills at your disposal. Miami upholsters are listed on our website. Browse thousands of furniture upholsterers near you and find an expert to breathe new life into your couches, chairs, and ottomans.

We at casafix have compiled essential information for all those in need of Miami upholsterers in their areas. Simply use the search feature to find furniture upholsterers, custom upholsterers, or reupholsterer near you and ask questions or requests quotes.

Whether you have a well-loved chair or chaise lounge at home with fabric in bad shape, or you've got a found a great classic piece of furniture with lots of potential at your local thrift store, you can totally alter the appearance of your furniture with the help of a skilled reupholsterer. While the method can be slow, incorrectly reupholstering furniture at home can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in damage. Give your piece the makeover it deserves in the hands of a trusted professional in your area. A well upholstered classic piece of furniture has the ability to be unique to your style and home.

Upholstering furniture is a complex and time-consuming process. Don’t believe the lies on those Pinterest boards; chances are if you attempt to upholster a piece of furniture without the right tools or skills, you can run the risk of causing severe and irreversible damage to your furniture. If the piece does survive your DIY, you still face the very real possibility it won’t last very long, making your effort and time investment futile.


Begin by selecting high quality furniture that with good “bones”, but has unattractive or damaged fabric.

Select pieces made of quality wood, not press wood or plywood. Wood pieces will retain their value and last a longer, while lower quality pieces tend to become damaged sooner.

Check your furniture for screeches, sounds, or imbalances. Move the piece of furniture around; if it continues to sway or make squeaking and creaking sounds, it’s not in great shape and won’t be worth reupholstering.

Inspect the piece carefully to make sure there is not any serious destruction or structural issues. Search for loose parts such as screws, damaged pieces, missing boards, and drooping which can be indicative of more serious integral damage.

While furniture can be reupholstered with any kind of cloth material or leathers, technically, some won’t be dense or durable enough to endure sitting and normal wear and tear for long.

Be sure to choose specialized upholstering fabric, which is thicker and created to withstand heavy use, rather than other types of fabric.

The type of fittings you use will affect the location of the piece; you have some flexibility to use regular textiles on a piece that won’t be subjected to frequent use, but pieces that are used most often such as couches and chairs will likely require heavy-duty textiles.

Because reupholstering is such a meticulous process, select a material that is relatively plain and will stand the test of time, a more classic style. Selecting on-trend bold prints and textiles may mean having to call another reupholstery professional much sooner than with more durable fabrics.

A Warning

Upholstery tools and hardware is sharp and can be dangerous in the hands of amateurs. Staple guns are potent enough to pierce even the hardest materials, such as wood and concrete. You're likely to injure yourself on a simple job such as placing a pin in a pillow than in a on a larger piece. A living room lounge seat can easily fall from your grasp while stapling if you're not cautious. Have a firm grip when stripping furniture. Use you clear judgment and do not try to complete projects outside of your skill set.

Upholsterers work from the inside out

Similar to the methods used by furniture makes

Bottom line, if your old furniture has a frame in good condition, there's some noteworthy structural advantages then that old couch or loveseat is worth a second look. Using contemporary supplies with old-style skills can deliver results that surpass the original aesthetically. In the hands of a trusted and skilled professional, you can obtain the most bang for your upholstery buck, and superiority in quality which can’t be beat.

Reupholstering or furniture refurbishment is one of select few professions in the domain of the jobs performed by hand which has survived the industrialization of modern furniture making. Should you have a bumpy old sofa, or a threadbare chair that's starting to lose its padding, take a second look before classifying it as “one for the rubbish heap”. Upholstery can breathe new life into those pieces, and can be the creation of a lovely fresh piece. This salvaging of quality pieces can bring a sense of satisfaction in seeing a stylish new piece birthed from old one.


Frames that stand the test of time are usually made from hard woods such as maple, oak or mahogany, among others. Hard woods are much more durable and lasting; the upholsterer will recognize these almost immediately due to their substantial weight. Because of this, many future salespeople lift one end of a sofa indicating the high quality of the piece to the customer.

Worthy frames are joined with pins, dowels, screws among others. These hold fast and firm for a many years. Should they ever become loose, they're easily repaired or replaced without risking the integrity of the frame.

Metal frames, and those where only staples are used in place of trusty dowels, are typically of a much lower quality. Wood used in metal frames is also typically of a lower quality and does not stand up to wear and tear. Any reputable upholsterer will recommend you not repair metal framed furniture. Should you be particularly fond of a piece with a metal frame, they can certainly be repaired, but be forewarned: they will not last nearly as long as superiors wood pieces.

Many classic furniture pieces have unique exposed frames worked into their style. Often finer pieces which are well-made; the skillful upholsterer will recognize their magnificence almost immediately, as pieces with visible frames are usually quite rare. The frame is integrated into the; should you be fortunate enough to own one of these beauties, it is likely you know its value.

Exposed frames are typically made from a high quality wood such as walnut, mahogany, birch, or cherry. Found in Victorian styles bearing opulent, dark woods, Chippendale or Sheraton furniture often has beautiful embellishments. These woods usually mature as time passes, and develops a stunning patina, glow. These frames are extremely durable and hardly ever require major repairs.

For Miami upholsterers Anything Is Possible

Don’t like the height of your sofa’s arms? Wish your couch was a love seat? Frames can be restyled to your specific decorative needs. Square arms can become rolled arms, sharp corners dulled, and backs on seats which were once curved can become straight. Should you decide to change the shape of your furniture, the seasoned upholsterer knows that the filling must change as well. An upright back can take on a fluffy, pillow like shape and back style. Draping, tufting, and tucking can soften the overall aesthetic of a rigid classic piece, giving it an overall softer feel and look.

The Upholsterer’s Got Your Back

A sophisticated upholsterer can customize frames and wadding specifically for those individuals who suffer from back problems. The skill upholsterer has the ability to change a bowed frame to a one offering more support, as with straight one to provide adequate back support. Next, the piece is filled, using tailored measurements to ensure that the trouble areas of the back will be comfortably supported. Reforming furniture can be highly effective and is not typically all that complicated to complete.

Many upholsters can custom make an entire piece of furniture. Frames can be ordered according to specifications, keeping in mind size, style, the space of the room, or to match with other pieces in your home. Similar to the services provided to decorators or interior design professionals, the skilled upholsterer can fashion the piece according to individual stipulations. This kind of customization can get quite costly, but if you are seeking a piece which is uniquely yours, upholsters can provide a rough prices then adjust to include the cost of goods used, and time to complete the project, and other factors involved in creating your piece.

Finding a trusted and skilled upholsterer in Miami can seem impossible. With a vast array of upholsterers specializing in many areas, find the right one for your project can be time-consuming and fruitless. We ourselves at casafix started as do-it-yourselfers, and learned some valuable and costly lessons along the way which is how we created this service. Don’t repeat our mistake, protect the integrity of your favorite pieces and call on the experts. Furniture upholsters have many years of experience, and refined skills ready to tackle your projects. We encourage you to browse the thousands listing to find the right furniture upholsterers near you.

We at casafix strive to provide accurate, location based information for the homeowner in need of home repair professionals to provide services, and can help find upholstery businesses in their areas. Simply use the handy search feature and sort by location to find furniture upholsterers, custom upholsterers, or reupholsterer near you.

If you need a Miami upholsterers to give some TLC to a favorite piece of furniture you can’t bear to part with, or your furniture is in good condition, but is showing some signs of wear and tear damage such as frayed fabric or lumpiness, use our site as a tool to find a furniture upholstered in Miami near you. Find the perfect Miami upholsterers to breathe new life into your couches, chairs, and ottomans.

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