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Waste management Miami

It is almost impossible to not accumulate trash, junk, and waste. Whether it is trash left over from a party, or debris from a remodeling project, chances are you’re occasionally going to need a waste management Miami professional.

Junk, trash, and waste removal are all different types of waste management Miami. The professionals that handle each are different, as well as the cost of each service. It is important to know the difference so you know who to contact depending on what you are looking to discard.

A scheduled service provided by the town or city you live in takes care of trash removal. The cost is included in your utility bills. Junk removal is a removal of clutter that a standard trash company will not haul away. Waste removal is the removal of materials that the junk and trash removal companies do not have the capability to handle. Certain waste can be considered hazardous and it needs to be handled differently.

Costs associated with Waste management Miami

Waste Removal Costs

The cost of waste removal varies depending on what category the waste is in. Solid waste such as trash and everyday items usually costs around 160 dollars. There are exceptions to this, like when the waste would take longer to remove. Hazardous waste is any waste that poses a threat to our health. Waste such as mercury and other chemicals is considered Hazardous and requires preparation and special equipment. The cost is usually quoted per pound and generally comes to 50-100 dollars and depends on the amount of waste. Construction debris is accumulated when after a remodel in your home. The cost for this kind of removal is usually around 200 dollars, depending on how much debris is involved. Composting consists of food and yard waste. Professional compost removal is around 100 dollars. Homeowners can save on costs by using casafix’s waste management directory to compare pricing.

Cost of Junk Removal services

Junk waste is not as dangerous as other waste types. Junk removal usually involves the removal appliances, tires, and other larger items. This kind of removal will require more than one person. The cost depends on how difficult the removal is.

Appliances such as freezers have Freon; they can’t be discarded at a regular landfill. In this case, you would hire a professional who works in waste management to get rid of them properly. The average cost is around of $30 to $50 per item.

There are certain kinds of tires that can be recycled but not all. A professional removal service will charge for every tire. With rims, the cost will be about $10 - $15 for each tire; without rims, the cost will be about $5 to $10 per tire. It is best to use a directory like the one provided on casafix to get quotes from multiple companies. That way, you can choose the best one at the right price.

Average Trash Removal Prices

Trash consists of the things you discard day to day. Removal of trash is usually the part of your city’s services. You can also opt for an independent company, if you find one that offers the service at a lower rate. Trash removal’s average monthly cost is 10-40 dollars and about 140-250 dollars yearly.

Hazardous Waste Management

Anything you discard that has chemicals that are a health risk is considered hazardous waste. Fluorescent lighting is hazardous because it contains mercury. If you choose to change your bulbs to compact fluorescent light or LED, you need to have a professional remove your fluorescent lights.

Latex paint has to be thrown out, but it can’t just be thrown in the garbage. Usually, it is necessary to have latex paint removed by a professional. The service will cost about $10 per gallon.

Garbage Pick Up

Waste management companies in Miami determine the price of garbage pick-up based on what items they will be removing and how far your location is to the landfill. If you would like to save money, it is best to assemble everything together before the removal service comes to pick it up. You can also take items that are easy to transport to a landfill near you. That way, it will take them less time and save you on costs. Generally, you will find most removal services have two separate charges. The first for the size of the items being discarded and the second for the amount of time it takes to haul away the garbage or junk. The trash removal service may charge additionally for delivering the waste to the appropriate place.

Because some items such as air conditioning units and fluorescents cannot be discarded in a landfill, these are considered to have special delivery needs and require handling by a specialized hazardous waste management service. There will likely be additional labor costs when a waste disposal job requires more than an hour of work. Those who pay for a trash removal service will have their items sorted and delivered to a hazardous waste landfill. They will also have their home and property properly cleaned after the removal.

Waste Management and Recycling Miami

When recycling, items are sorted by materials. There is a bin for each material. The bins are then picked up by a recycling company when they are full and taken to be made into new products. Traditional recycling includes paper, plastic, and glass.

  • Paper- Recycling paper prevents the cutting down of more trees by used paper products into new products. Many people assume you can only recycle pieces of paper and newspaper; but many other items fall under the category of paper when it comes to recycling; it also cover items such as egg cartons and cereal boxes.
  • Plastic- Many plastic products come with a recycling code. These codes are there to help identify the kind of plastic the item is made of and how it will be sorted in the recycling facility. It also ensures that when those plastic items are turned into pellets to be used again, it will go to the appropriate manufacturing plant. Some of the most commonly recycled products include disposable diapers, garbage bags, and plastic water bottles.
  • Glass- Some recycling facilities do not accept glass because of how they need to be handled. There is no limit to how many times glass can be recycled without losing quality. Colored glass can be recycled into new products or sand. For the facilities that have the proper equipment, the process is not very complex. A recycled glass product can go from facility to being used as a new product in less and a month.

Recycling is a vital aspect of waste management. Recycling plastic and allowing it to be turned into a new product keeps it from accumulating as waste. Many people believe that when it comes to recycling paper products, they can only recycle pieces. In fact, most paper products can be easily recycled. Most glass is very easy to recycle as well, including colored glass. Taking the time to recycle helps eliminate unnecessary waste. It is a simple process that makes a big impact. There are many cities and towns that include recycling in their trash removal services. All it takes is sorting your recyclables into the appropriate bins and the rest is taken care of for you.

There are a variety of waste management Miami options to go with when looking to throw something away. It is best to know the difference between waste, junk, and trash so that you the correct person to contact. There are different companies that handle different kinds of waste management Miami. If you need to get rid of left over debris from a remodel, you would need to hire a junk removal service. If it is something that contains a hazardous chemical, it is time to call a waste management Miami professional that is equipped to handle those types of chemicals.

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